Hi! I am Adrienne Jensen, an animal lover, volleyball junkie, yogi, and creative who is passionate about art and design.

Here at Sit Pretty Art & Design I’m all about helping people gain the confidence to tap into their creative side and explore the world of art. I created my city landmark paint by numbers and coloring book series to help everyone tap in to their inner artist.

In addition to my love of art, I have a passion for beautiful design for businesses and special projects. I work with business owners to help create visual elements to communicate the soul of their brands. Every client has different objectives when interacting with their audience. My goal is to help them portray a brand’s personality through visual media.

Color your heart out!

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  • When you are starting a business, it is hard to get your marketing materials to feel like your vision for your brand. You want each piece to convey a message to potential customers, but keeping that message consistent in different mediums is a challenge. Adrienne worked with us to develop pieces from t-shirts to social media posts that all looked and felt like what we had in our heads, but better.

    Shannon Greenwood, Boho Cycle Studio